Friday, February 6, 2009

The art of flail

So Alex decided to make this blogging thing into a classic game of one-upsmanship last time out. How should a man respond? Should he synthesize his post and his friend's by directing people towards Celtic Frost's amazing cover of "Mexican Radio"? No, that'd be too calculated (but seriously, check that shit if you haven't). Should he wade through countless HOINH-plagued threads on Side-Line in an effort to find a new cut even goofier than "Run Your Body"? A tall order, indeed. Should he write another twenty-page MLA-styled essay with numerous secondary sources on Why I Refuse To Spend Money On Boyd Rice Projects? No, he's got more than enough stuff distracting him from his thesis as is. Should he stop writing in the third person and just quickly troll through my mp3 drive in another Smuckles-inspired flail, and come up with another "cover in another style" track in the form of Thou Shalt Not's Richard Cheese-influenced rendition of "Headhunter", which I used to spin from time to time? Sure, that'll do. Hell, if I'm gonna respond to a track which jacks "That Total Age", I might as well do so with a track which jacks the only EBM club album more overplayed than that one.

Thou Shalt Not, "Headhunter"

Yeah! What now, Alex? You think you're all that just cuz you can drop the ball while blogging every once in a while? Pft. I once went for a full year without posting anything on LJ apart from "Which member of the Bay City Rollers are you?" survey results. I've been cat-blogging since 2000 and I don't even have a cat.

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